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In a time when we may be feeling especially isolated, Water Echo is a vibrant visual connection to nature and the world around us.

"While creating these paintings, I thought about how water connects virtually everything. In all its forms — liquid, vapor, ice — water has the magical capacity to change as it flows through waterways, earth, sky, animals, trees and people. Water always finds a way. Perhaps that is why being near it makes us feel hopeful.” 

This new collection of mixed media paintings explores the powerful energy and movement of water flowing through rivers, lakes, seas — and our souls. Layers upon layers of thoughts, stories, experiences, moods — shifting one over the other — sometimes revealing a hint of what is underneath. This has become my signature voice and style. Alternating layers of acrylic paint and collage to create richly textured, colorful and uplifting pieces that invite you to look closer and discover your own story.

In lieu of a traditional First Friday reception while Tumalo Art Company is under temporary Covid closure, we invite you to enjoy the show online or by private showing. Acquire the art you love at the gallery's online art store and enjoy free shipping of any artwork in the Water Echo show.

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Last Call

Cassidy is a vintage, coin operated "quarter horse". She is part of the Pony Up Quarter Horse Project who has chosen artists from around the country to give new life to these retired ponies. The ponies will be auctioned to support Wades' House, a place for families who have lost a child to come away from the challenges and heartache of their loss.

I feel honored by the opportunity to set the tone for Cassidy's new life. I wanted to set her free, back into nature with a big heart and a joyful spirit. I used paper mache to free her of her saddle. That process gave her a robust yet streamlined new shape to house that big heart and spirit. It also allowed the arrival of her feathered friend so she will never be alone.

Check out the process video I put together while working on Cassidy. Learn more about the project at

Cassidy in the studio getting her new coat

I am honored to be one of five artists invited to take part in an anniversary show celebrating this truly special gallery. Marmot was named as one of 10 GREAT DIY ART SPACES by USA TODAY, is Winner of INLANDER’s “Best Of” competition and SUNSET magazine chose it as the best way to end a perfect day in Spokane! See? Fabulous! Bring on the cake and champagne, there is much to celebrate!!!




Art lovers attend First Friday at Marmot Art Space in Spokane's Kendall Yards

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